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In addition to the main collections, the Fenno-Ugrica contains five special collections, organized by a language or a provider.

The Eesti Keele Institut contains several issues of Livli journal in Livonian

Komi National Library consists of political literature of the 1920s and the 1930s in Komi languages.

The sub-collection Learned Societies contains early monographs and scientific journals published by the Finno-Ugrian Society and the Finnish Antiquarian Society.

Hebraica does contain Yiddish prints from the collections of the National Library of Finland and Russian National Library.

Lapponica is a collection that contains early prints in Sami languages from the collections of the National Library of Finland.

Zingarica contains manuscripts, books and periodicals in various Romani languages spoken in Northern Europe and Russia. The material has been gathered from the collections of the National Library of Finland, the archives of the Finnish National Board of Anitiquities (Helsinki), Russian National Library (St. Petersburg), State Archives (Stockholm), National Library of Sweden (Stockholm) and Estonian Literary Museum (Tartu).

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